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How to select stepping control card

Issuing time:2015-07-24 09:28

How to select stepping control card? Stepper driver series of rich, from the appearance of the classification of independent driver and embedded driver two types, from the power selection of communication and dc two types, from the driver classification of two phase, three phase, five phase three types, each series has a variety of power driver to choose. Special drives can also be customized according to user needs. It can control the movement of four motor drive shafts together, and each shaft can be driven by fixed speed straight line, acceleration/deceleration drive, and s-curve acceleration/deceleration drive. The four axes do the same thing. The output drive speed scales from 1PPS to 4MPPS. Can run at a fixed speed drive; Linear acceleration/deceleration drive; S curve acceleration/deceleration drive. Able to use program control and external manual control of 2 operating methods to drive. The speed of the pulse output can be easily changed in the drive. Each axis can be set with s-curve for acceleration/deceleration; The use of s-curve command can also be parabolic acceleration/deceleration drive output pulse set, in addition to quantitative drive we use a common method to prevent the occurrence of triangular waveform in the s-curve acceleration/deceleration. This is a function of maintaining the speed of the interpolation axis in the interpolation drive. When the two axes output pulses together, the second axis can be set to 1.414 times the impulse period.

The ACTRLRUN k-880 is a stepper control card that can operate four stepper motors together. It operates servos and stepper motor movements with high frequency pulse string output methods. In a system, multiple CARDS can be embedded and used together. (i.e., up to 16 stepper motors can be operated together). The card can accurately control the declared pulse frequency (motor speed), pulse number (motor rotation Angle) and pulse frequency change rate (motor acceleration), and it can satisfy the various complex control requirements of stepper motor. Stepper control card can be used for azimuth control, interpolation drive, acceleration/deceleration control, etc. It's rich, functional software library function capital. In Windows9X/2000 environment, users can directly use the "DLL" dynamic link library function we provide for you; To make it as easy as possible for you to use in Microsoft Visual BASIC, Visual C++ and various other software environments.

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